Top kinks adults have


Kinky sex is more acceptable nowadays than a few decades ago. During those times, talking about sex was taboo, and no one in polite society would admit that they had kinks, such as liking bondage. 

Now with the openness about adult sexuality, a lot of people have brought out their desires and even can buy sex toys to make them have the perfect kinky adventure with their Atlanta escorts

Many people want to satisfy their cravings, while others would love to make a fantasy come true. Some sexual desires remain under the radar, while others, such as role-playing games, have become mainstream. Here are some of the top kinks adults have: 


This kink involves the heightened thrill of being closely watched or having to perform sexually in front of someone else. The exhibitionists may desire to be watched by their cuckolding partner while engaging in sexual activity. 

Some will masturbate in front of their partner or even get turned on by taking pictures and videos of they’re playing with themselves or having sex with others.


A voyeur nowadays has a lot of porn movies to watch, but they still prefer to be peeping. The pleasure is derived from watching those who are making out and is made even better if those people do not know that they are viewed as a live sex act. 

Voyeurs will often fondle themselves while watching the sex act but also might find pleasure in seeing sexy people naked, like looking into bathroom windows to see someone showering. Voyeurism is like cuckloading, where the cuckload will stay in the room to watch the activity, but the voyeur prefers that the sex participants do not know they are watching. 

Sensory Deprivation

This kinky sexy act  involves blocking one or more senses to enhance and heighten the experience. It is commonly done with the use of blindfolds. Some use gags while being tied down to heighten their pleasure as sensory deprivation does with another kink, such as bondage.

Adult Role Play

This kink is accepted nowadays and even encouraged as a way to bring back the passion and excitement to the relationship of couples. It is also popular because it allows people to experiment with different roles, sexy characters, and various scenarios. 

Role-playing kinks have become common and one can even buy sexy costumes to enhance this adult game. Many long-term partners love to integrate this kink into their sex lives to make it much less boring than the routine sex they have in the bedroom.

In Conclusion 

Exploring kinks and making them real is a way for a person to discover new aspects of their sexuality. It is acceptable to have wild sexual desires, as kinky sex provides pleasure that satisfy the cravings. . 

Sexual pleasure is a personal thing, and the preferences do differ. Some kinds of kinky sex, such as adult role-playing games no longer shock people, and even sex therapists recommend that long-term couples do it to reignite the passion in their sex lives.