What is the rarest kink in the world?

A kink is an interest that goes beyond vanilla sex. It can be a specific object or body part — like latex or leather — or an action, behavior, or dynamic between partners.

For example, some people enjoy impact play (spanking, whipping, flogging) as a kink. Others get aroused by voyeurism or masochism, which involves pain and humiliation.


You’ve probably heard of foot fetishes and bondage, but there are so many more bizarre sexual interests. Some are dangerous, like the people who get aroused by killing other humans.

Avisodomy, or sex with birds, is part of the larger group of kinks known as bestiality or zoophilia. The kink can be risky because chickens can’t fly away. It’s also incredibly difficult, though some claim to have accomplished it.


Coprophilia is a fetish where people get sexual pleasure from feces. This can be anything from watching someone else poop to scatology, the art of making movies about poop.

The fetish also includes coprophagia, the act of eating feces. This was made famous by John Waters’ 1972 film Pink Flamingos, which featured the drag queen Divine eating her own feces. The kink is considered extremely rare and can be a health risk as it can cause hepatitis.


Furries are people who have an interest in anthropomorphic animals and often create a persona known as their “fursona”. They also enjoy roleplaying and participate in world-wide conventions.

Most furries are annoyed by how their community is portrayed in the media. They feel that depictions of them as sexual fetishists are unfair and inaccurate.


If you’ve spent any time browsing the adult side of the furry fandom, you’ve likely come across the word “yiff.” It’s a term used to describe the sexual fetishes common to the community.

It’s named after the sound foxes make, originally part of a constructed language for fox role-players along with yip, yerf, and yaff. It was later assigned a sexual meaning that replaced yipp.

Adult Babies

Adult babies, also known as ABDL, are people who find pleasure in dressing and role playing like children. The kink often involves age play, but it can also be a form of fetishism or sadomasochism.

People with this kink get turned on by being tickled or watching others be tickled. It’s a weird but harmless kink that can be explored with a partner who knows how to do it safely.

Cock Cages

Cock cages are a popular form of male chastity play that can be fun and satisfying for both dominant and submissive people. It’s a great way to tease and deny orgasms and is especially attractive to those who like to take on the role of bottom.

This cock cage is adjustable and comes with a variety of rings in different sizes to fit most men, as well as plastic temporary locks. It’s also body-safe and great for short-term or long-term wear.


Voyeurism is spying on others without their consent. This can include looking at naked bodies or observing sexual activity. This can lead to felony charges. Consent, knowledge and intent are important when defending against voyeurism charges.

Other kinks to try include pet play (piquerism), which involves bondage with animals and playing with food. Also, emasculation and CBT (cock and ball torture). These can be dangerous.


While exhibitionist fetishes can be harmless and healthy if both parties are enthusiastically consenting, they can also lead to harmful behavior. Prevention efforts include addressing childhood sexual trauma and promoting comprehensive sexual education for all individuals.

Some kinks, like voyeurism or frotteurism (rubbing genitals against non-consenting strangers), can be dangerous and illegal. Other kinks, such as foot fetishes or impact play (flogging or spanking), are safe when both parties are fully informed and consenting.

Golden Showers

Golden showers, also known as piss play or water sports, are for those sexually aroused by urination. It’s a kink that recently became trendy in the wake of President Trump hiring prostitutes to do a golden shower show for him.

Despite its taboo reputation, this kink is more common than you might think, experts say. As long as it’s consensual, it can be a safe and satisfying interest.


Feederism is a fetish where people enjoy feeding others large amounts of food. It is a form of fat fetishism and it is mainly a heterosexual kink.

The feeder may be fat or thin and they find sexual arousal in making their partner gain weight. It can also be a choking kink and the feeder may use their hands or specialized BDSM toys to choke their partner